Welcome to Plant diversity In Phufah Subdistrict, Bo Kleau District, Nan Province, Thailand

Previously, Ban Hang Thang Luang and Ban Pha Suk, Phu Fa Subdistrict, Bo Kleau District, Nan province were reported that the communities relied heavily on forests and most of them did not own land (Wongwandee et al., 2009). Non-sustainable utilization of forest products for livelihood and income of villagers could probably threaten forest ecosystems, with several possible consequences. Hence, plant diversity was determined in preserved and utilized forests of both villages. In this study, we aimed to investigate the plant diversity and identify the vegetation species, and also estimate the impact of the utilization on the utilized forests at Ban Hang Thang Luang and Ban Pha Suk. The acquired information should help to enrich the knowledge and understanding of current status of the plant species for conservation, management and sustainable use in the area.

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